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Popular Industries

At this point it's hard to name an industry Ticket Owl is not a part of, but we still celebrate the ones below as our most popular hosted by our clients.  


Regional & Community Theater

The industry we were born out of. Theater organizations across North America partner with Ticket Owl to bring the magic of theater to their communities. 

Workshops & Classes

Say goodbye to accepting e-transfers and chasing participants for money. Accept payments for seminars with no effort on your part. With Ticket Owl, educators get to focus on what they do best. 


Retreats & Festivals

Put your energy into hosting an unforgettable festival or recharging retreat. Ticket Owl makes it easy to keep track of participants joining you on your journey.

Brewery parties

Throwing a St. Patrick's Day bash? Ringing in the New Year with style? Ticket Owl is being used by more and more breweries who are hosting in-house events that patrons talk about for months!

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