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Why Switch to Selling Tickets Online?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Making the switch from traditional ticket collecting may feel scary, but will save you hours in the long run.

Though technology has come a long way, many theatre troupes across Canada continue selling tickets to their shows using traditional methods. Whether that’s at one location, over the phone, or in some cases only at the door! At Ticket Owl, we have spoken with hundreds of organizers across Canada and have helped volunteers and producers save hours by switching to a self-serve ticketing platform. Here are some of the benefits.

Auto-Generated Attendee List

One of the biggest conveniences when you sell tickets online is not having to make a manual entry for every single purchase. Some producers write each name down on a piece of paper when they collect the cash from a ticket buying location, others are trying to keep track of e-transfer history in their inbox.

A headache that is worth avoiding (trust us on this one!). When you use a ticketing website like Ticket Owl, our software collects the information from the purchaser at checkout and loads it into your events attendee list, you don’t have to even lift a finger. All of this information is stored in one central hub, and is downloadable at any time by the event organizer.

No More Late Night Phone Calls

If you’ve been the contact number for people to buy tickets from, you’ve definitely experienced this. Volunteering to have your own personal phone number on a poster is a noble gesture but even though some people may prefer ‘the old fashioned way’, having to purchase tickets online will not discourage patrons who want to make sure they see your show.

Instead of your number, place your website on the poster and let your new fans purchase from a link on there.

You’ll Save Hours of Your Time

Clean and simple. Selling tickets online is simply more convenient than traditional methods because it will save hours of your time. Of course monitoring how your sales are going, and responding to inquiries won’t be eradicated completely, but letting our ticketing website do in seconds what may take you 10 minutes lets you focus on all the other aspects needed to mount a successful theatre production.

Ticket Owl is a self-serve platform that helps organizers selling tickets to live theatre and other events all across North America. Contact us to kickstart your event today.


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