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Bema Productions

Victoria, BC

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The mission of Bema Productions is to produce thought-provoking, passionate, and entertaining plays that speak to the universal human condition, embrace the society at large and celebrate the distinctive voice and social vision that are part of the Jewish experience and cultural legacy.

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WHy choose ticket owl?

There are thousands of ticketing options for theatre companies, yet Bema Productions chooses Ticket Owl as their dedicated ticketing partner. 

Here are a few reasons why. 


we're an official financial sponsor

We believe in supporting event partners beyond just providing excellent service. Ticket Owl regularly sponsors our partners' events.


Human-to-Human Relationships.

Rest assured there are real people here whose primary purpose is to help you succeed. Always and forever. Pinky-promise. No take backs.


Free for Event Partners. Actually.

Set up fees? Monthly subscriptions? No way. Event partners should never have to pay out of pocket to sell tickets. 


interested in learning more about partnering with ticket owl?

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