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theatrix youtheatre society

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

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Our Mandate:
Theatrix programming is based on the following principles:
- Build a healthy community through artistic expression;
- Ensure that all programs are accessible for children of all ages;
- Offer quality theatre arts training by qualified professionals;
- Create original Canadian Children’s Theatre by children for children about children.
- Value the process of creation as well as presentation of product.

Our Mission:
To ensure accessibility to performing arts for children regardless of age, culture, ability and family income.

Our Policy:
- Low-income families may access programming through a subsidy program that allows families to pay what they can afford closest to the amount being charged.
- Post-dated cheques are accepted.
- There are no rehearsals on statutory holidays.
- Whole or partial fees are refunded after the Registration Deadline if a replacement is secured from the waitlist.
- Parents and family members are invited to participate in the production.

Our Purpose:
The purpose of the Society is to promote and encourage the performing arts for children in the Lower Fraser Valley.
- To offer classes integrating the performing art forms of dance, drama and music.
- To explore both stage and camera mediums.
- To provide opportunities for children to showcase classwork to an audience.
- To provide opportunities for children to promote greater social awareness.
- To offer a voice in the arts community, and on behalf of children.
- To complement the educational system and family structure.

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