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Your Collaborative
Ticketing Partner.

Sharing the workload so you can 

focus on delivering the experiences you love.

an industry long overdue for change...

It sounds cliché, but we get it. We've been on the other side of the table trying to pick the best ticketing platform and it's those experiences (headaches?) that lead us to where we are now. 


First we sold live theatre tickets, then brew pubs came knocking, a few big universities inquired, and now we can't stop selling tickets online for organizations of all industries and sizes.



WHy us.

Wouldn't the best ticketing solution be the one you have to think the least about? Our team takes on some of the workload so you can spend more time on the events you love and less time worrying about ticket management.


Simple and Intuitive Design.

No annoying pop-ups or 90's web design here. Buying tickets should be simple and capable of happening within moments of arriving to your event page. 


Human-to-Human Relationships.

Rest assured there are real people here whose primary purpose is to help you succeed. Always and forever. Pinky-promise. No take backs.


Free for Event Partners. Actually.

Zero set up fees. Zero monthly subscriptions. Event partners should never have to pay out of pocket to sell tickets. 

Trusted by some of the best.

We like to keep our focus on small-to-medium size event organizers, but it turns out organizers of all sizes crave a human touch.

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What REAl partners Say.

"A big THANK YOU to the entire staff for your excellent and prompt customer support. We were braced for a massive headache when rescheduling our performance but your team helped make the whole experience seamless."

Cathy C.
Vancouver, BC

“We're very impressed with how simple and easy to use Ticket Owl is. Even our older demographic of patrons seemed to use it with ease - thanks again! ”

Bonnie T. 
Seattle, WA

“Just wanted to let you know I did a presentation on Ticket Owl to our union and praised both the platform and the team. This year felt so much smoother with ticketing and you all played a large part in that.”

Margaret J.

Hamilton, ON

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