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Use Social Media to Sell More Theatre Tickets

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Both your loyal fans and soon to be patrons are already on social media; make sure they know about your next performance.

Over the years theatre troupes of all sizes have relied more and more on social media to promote their seasons and upcoming productions to the public. Though there is still a need for traditional marketing materials like posters and newspaper ad placements, the team at Ticket Owl wanted to provide you with some best practices for promoting your next theatre production on social media.

Highlight Your Team

Besides the play or musical you plan to perform, your talent is your biggest selling point for your audiences. Whether it’s your director, set designer, or onstage performers, giving your loyal fans a taste of whose work they will be seeing generates excitement towards the event.

Along with including a headshot or past production photo of your talent, make sure you add a bit of text about them or a portion of their bio so that newer patrons can know just how talented they are.

Include Your Ticket Link (Every Time!)

You’ve put effort into taking the time to write and share a post on social media, so why isn’t the ticket link attached?! This happens more than you realize but it’s main importance is convenience for your buyer.

Think about it: you’ve sold someone on wanting to buy tickets to your event, but when they want to purchase, they can’t find the link! Making it as convenient as possible for your customer ensures that they won’t get distracted in the middle of searching for your link on their website.

Along with attaching the link to your posts, there’s other places to be sure to share it as well. This includes the description of your Facebook profile picture or banner image, and your Instagram bio as suggestions.

Post Frequently

This one is tricky, because you don’t want to ‘spam’ or annoy your patrons - but sharing your event frequently helps stay at the top of mind for your patrons. There are plenty of elements that go into a production that make for wonderful content. Along with highlighting your team, share some behind the scenes photos, interviews or reviews from journalists, fun facts about the scripts history. There’s plenty of interesting pieces of information your readers want to know about. This may seem obvious, but especially with a small team, sharing to social media can sometimes get left unattended. But especially when you're two weeks away, we suggest posting daily to stay at the top of mind for hopeful patrons. To help stay ahead and remove the stress of ‘one more thing’, we recommend actually planning and scheduling your posts far in advance with tools like Hootsuite, which allow you to schedule social media posts in advance.

Ticket Owl is a ticketing website that helps organizers sell tickets online to live theatre as well as other industry events all across North America. Contact us to kickstart your event today.


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